Surly, sharp-tongued, and all out of bubblegum


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Raised by upper-middle-class engineers before the Collapse, Loh was supposed to have entered the same productive strata of intelligentsia his parents had. Fortunately, a rebellious streak aided by teenage reflexive intransigence drove him to run away from his family with a cadre of anarchists out into the wilds of Rural Southern California right before the bombs started landing on the much more targeted Bay Area.

As the bombs fell, his companions proved to less satisfactory than he’d hoped, quickly losing enthusiasm for their cause faced with increasing deprivation and stress from the prospect of the coming apocalypse. As their rebellion ended with a fizzle rather than a bang, Loh wandered into a local bar seeking to inundate his discontent with the world with alcohol as the rest of the world fell under the Flame Deluge.


Fun in the Wasteland waydownLo