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HUAAC Reinstated After Third Red Hand Bombing

by Lindsey Orwood
New York Times Staff Writer
Sunday, March 9, 2014

In a controversial vote last Thursday, the House of Representatives recreated the House Un-American Activities Committee. Proponents of the committee cite domestic terrorism and its support as the causes that necessitate such an extreme action. This measure follows already controversial televised executions of people thought to be associated with the notorious Red Hand group.

Opponents were quick to recall the terror and oppression brought on by the original incarnation during the McCarthy era. “This is nothing more than a witch hunt for people whom those in charge dislike,” says one such congressman, “To intimidate dissenters like this is to destroy the basic freedoms that our country is founded upon.”

Representative John Boehner, who introduced the motion and will now chair the committee, claims that the committee is vital to our national security. “It’s clear that support of terrorism in this age leads to real danger to Americans, and that is unacceptable,” the Speaker remarked during his testimony, “If you don’t want to support this great nation, than you are our enemy. No questions asked.”

Multiple petitions have already been started aiming to reprimand the House for such an appalling transgression of Constitutional principles. One such petition reads, “McCarthyism was the closest we ever came to acting exactly like Soviet Russia. If totalitarian measures such as this are allowed to continue, this country will become nothing more than what we’ve so eagerly fought against for the past century.” If you wish to sign a petition expressing your discontent at this ridiculous committee, you can find a list of links on the New York Times website, keyword HUAAC.

Staff Writer Lindsey Orwood, Others Detained for Sedition

by Matthew Albright
New York Times Staff Writer
Monday, June 16, 2014

FBI teams raided various news headquarters yesterday, arresting multiple reporters without providing any explanation to bystanders. Later, editors of affected publications and broadcasting companies received an e-mail from President Newt Gingrich that spoke of a new requirement for all news outlets. The e-mail expressly prohibits “any unpatriotic speech,” and requires that the content of all news stories must be “at least 50% positive.”

These requirements follow a new law that came into effect last week allowing the executive branch to provide binding guidelines to the press…

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