2017 News

President Gingrich Declares War on Iran

by Robert Halton
New York Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 15, 2017

In response to the act of biological warfare called H6N2, President Newt Gingrich announced yesterday in a public address that it is time for war with Iran…

…response to the concern expressed by a few about going to war with a nation known to possess nuclear weapons, the President said, “They’ve already made an act of aggression against us. If they were willing to risk nuclear warfare, they would have done it already. Let them try and we’ll stop the missiles and turn Ahmadinejad into gas and glass.”

Troops are expected to move out within the month…

Mental Degeneration from H6N2/Sarah-Lucy Brings Early Infected into “Zombie-like” State

by George Galton
San Fransisco Chronicle Staff Writer
Wednesday, March 8, 2017

[fuck it this should be self-explanatory]

Major US Cities Overrun by “Rage Zombies,” PM Thatcher Orders Mass Quarantine Zones

by Leopold Hartfordshireton
BBC2 Reporter
2017, May 15, Sunday

As the terrors of the H6N2/Sarah-Lucy combination pronounce themselves in the states, citizens here on the Isles are becoming more and more anxious over failed recovery efforts…

…fears that there is no safe place to evacuate to…

…runs on the banks and supermarkets, only to help the spread of the disease…

2017 News

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